USB Type-C SuperSpeed Active Switch

Powered from a 1.8 V supply, PTN36043 is a very small, low power 2 differential channel 2 to 1 active multiplex/demultiplexer switch. It has an integrated SuperSpeed USB3.1 Gen 1 (also known as USB3.0) redriver IC that can switch two differential signals to one of two locations. The active switch has optimized performance with minimized crosstalk, as required by the high-speed serial interface for type C connector.

PTN36043 has built-in advanced power management capability that enables significant power savings under various different USB3.1 Gen 1 Low-power modes (U2/U3). It can detect link electrical conditions and can dynamically activate/deactivate internal circuitry and logic. The device performs these actions without host software intervention and conserves power.

Block diagram of PTN36043

Block diagram of PTN36043

Why Used

  • Compliant to SuperSpeed USB3.1 Gen 1 standard
  • Automatic receiver termination detection
  • Low active power: 203 mW/113 mA (typical) for VDD = 1.8 V
  • Compliant with JESD 78 Class II latch up test standard
  • Operating temperature range: -40 °C to +85 °C

Where Used

  • USB3.1 Gen 1 application for type C connectors
  • Smart Phones, Tablets/Mobile Devices
  • Desktop/Notebook Computers
  • Docking Stations
  • USB3.1 Gen 1 Peripherals such as flat panel display, consumer/storage devices, printers or USB3.1 Gen 1 capable hubs/repeaters

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