USB Type-C power delivery PHY and protocol IC

Complying with USB PD and Type-C specifications and delta updates of PD spec, PTN5100 is a single port USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD) PHY and Protocol IC that provides Type-C Configuration channel interface and USB PD Physical and Protocol layer functions to a System PD Port Policy Controller (Policy Engine and Device Policy Manager, Alternate mode controller). This IC is targeted for a wide range of platforms and PC Accessories applications.

Implementing VCONN low RON switch with register programmable Forward Current protection feature, PTN5100 can support system realization of the following PD roles: (i) Provider (P) only, (ii) Provider/Consumer (P/C) (iii) Consumer only (C) (iv) Consumer/Provider (C/P). It can be programmed to operate in Type-C specific Upstream Facing Port (UFP), Downstream Facing Port (DFP) or Dual Role Port (DRP) role.

PTN5100 block diagram

PTN5100 block diagram

Why Used

  • CC detection/indication scheme based on Type-C role
  • Capable of maximum current delivery of 1 A over 2.7 V to -5.5 V
  • Back current protection on all pins when PTN5100 is unpowered
  • Delivers up to 30 mA (max) for powering Policy controller MCU
  • ESD 8 kV HBM, 1 kV CDM

Where Used

  • PC platforms: Notebook PCs, Desktop PCs, Ultrabooks, Chromebooks
  • Tablets, 2:1 Convertibles, Smartphones and Portable devices
  • PC accessories/peripherals: Docking, Mobile Monitors, Multi-Function Monitors, Portable/External hard drives, Cable adaptors, Dongles and accessories, etc.

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