NXP SC18IS602 I2C slave to SPI master/GPIO Bridge Demoboard


This demoboard utilizes our NXP SC18IS602 I2C slave to SPI master with GPIO bridge. The demoboard interfaces to the host processor with an I2C-bus interface. Any combination of a total of four SPI devices or GPIOs can be controlled. The demoboard supports up to 8 selectable I2C device addresses via jumpers.

This demoboard can be used for demonstrating either the SC18IS602 or the SC18IS603 bridge. The SC18IS602 features an SPI master with speeds up to 1.8Mbps using an internal oscillator whereas the SC18IS603 features an SPI master with speeds up to 4Mbps using an external oscillator. Both feature I2C-bus slave interfaces with speeds up to 400KHz.



The demoboard contains an SC18IS602 I2C slave to SPI master/GPIO bridge. The board includes 2 sets of headers to connect to the I2C and SPI buses. The SPI-bus header pins are shared with the configurable GPIO pins. Also included are jumpers for setting the I2C device address. Finally, for advanced users, a jumper and socket are provided for use with an external crystal/oscillator and an SC18IS603 (not included).

User Manual

The user manual is included or can be downloaded from our NXP ICs website below.

Sample Code

Sample code routines include I2C host initialization, I2C read and write routines, bridge configuration, and SPI slave device commands. The sample code is only available for download from our NXP ICs website below.


The SC18IS602 demoboard gets power from the I2C host. I2 hosts can include a microcontroller, an embedded processor, or an ASIC. The I2C host communicates via the I2C headers (SDA, SCL, VCC, GND, -INT, -RST).

The SPI headers connect up to four external SPI slave devices or GPIO-connected peripherals such as LEDs and switches. Communication with multiple SPI slave devices can be chosen via SPI chip select pins (SSN0, SSN1, SSN2, SSN3) by sending appropriate I2C commands to the SC18IS602.

Eight selectable I2C device addresses can be chosen with the three jumpers (A0, A1, A2).