Single-Port TCPC Compliant USB Power Delivery (PD) PHY IC

PTN5100 Block Diagram

PTN5100 Block Diagram

The PTN5110 IC targeted primarily for use in system platforms (e.g. Notebook PCs, Desktop PCs, Chromebooks, Tablets, Convertible, etc.). It implements Type-C Configuration Channel (CC) interface and USB PD Physical layer functions to a type-C Port Manager (TCPM) that handles PD Policy management. It is designed to comply with USB PD, Type-C and TCPC specifications. Other use cases may be feasible depending on the application architecture, e.g. docks, monitors, accessories, cable adapters, smartphones etc.

It can support various type-C roles: Sink, Source, Sink with accessory support or DRP. It implements Type-C CC analog portion (i.e Rd/Rp/Ra detection, Rd/Rp indication) and PD Tx/Rx PHY and protocol state machines. PTN5110 supports TCPM in system realization of the following PD roles:

  • Provider (P)
  • Provider/Consumer (P/C)
  • Consumer (C)
  • Consumer/Provider (C/P)

Why Used

  • Provides the majority of relevant IO capability for the host processor/TCPM to easily control and manage the Type-C/PD interface via the TCPC interface
  • Offers tremendous flexibility to platform integrators by supporting a wide range of power supply input voltages
  • Available in HX2QFN16, 2.6 mm x 2.6 mm x 0.35 mm, 0.4 mm pitch

Where Used

  • PC platforms: Notebook PCs, Desktop PCs, Ultrabooks, Chromebooks
  • Tablets, 2:1 Convertibles, Smartphones and Portable devices
  • PC accessories/peripherals: Docking, Mobile Monitors, Multi-Function Monitors, Portable/External hard drives, Cable adaptors, Dongles and accessories, etc.

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