Single-channel SuperSpeed USB 3.0

Supporting data signaling rate of 5 Gbit/s, the PTN36221A is a small, low power, high performance SuperSpeed USB 3.0 redriver that enhances signal quality by performing receive equalization on the deteriorated input signal followed by transmit de-emphasis maximizing system link performance.

Without host software intervention, the PTN36221A has built-in advanced power management capability that enables significant power saving under various different USB 3.0 Low-power modes (U2/U3). The device performs these actions without host software intervention and conserves power.

PTN36221A context diagrams

PTN36221A context diagrams

Why Used

  • Supports Low Frequency Periodic Signaling (LFPS) and is USB3.0 compatible
  • Adjustable receive equalization, transmit de-emphasis and output swing functions
  • Automatic receiver termination detection
  • Support hot plug with automatic receiver detect
  • ESD 8 kV HBM, 1 kV CDM for data path

Where Used

  • Smart phones, tablets
  • Active cables
  • Notebook/netbook/nettop platforms
  • Server and storage platforms

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