RoadLINK SAF5400 Single Chip Modem for V2X

SAF5400 Block Diagram

SAF5400 Block Diagram

The SAF5400 modem is able to relay up to 2000 Basic Safety Message [BSM] verifications per second on chip to better range for transmitted and received messages. This number can be augmented further with NXP’s i.MX applications processor, which is offered as part of the V2X System solution. The RoadLINK SAF5400 is an automotive qualified single chip DSRC modem for V2X applications. The SAF5400 also integrates NXP’s high-performance secure element technology to address the proposed wireless V2X security requirements.

Why Used

  • Single channel handling for 802.11p reception/transmission.
  • Compliant with ETSI EN 302663, ETSI EN 302571
  • Compliant with ARIB T-109M
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.11p, IEEE 1609.4
  • Optional ECDSA verification: 2000 messages/sec (Brainpool/NIST curves 256 bits)

Where Used

  • Automotive
    • V2X Communications

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