Plug’n Play Full NFC Solution SBC Kit

OM5577/PN7120S is a flexible and easy-to-use Single Board Computer (SBC) Kit for the PN7120 NFC Controller. It enables the development of an NFC solution based on PN7120 in a Linux or Android environment. PN7120 is a plug’n play full NFC solution. The device offers easy integration into any OS environment, with integrated firmware and NCI interface designed for contactless communication at 13.56 MHz. It is the ideal solution for rapidly integrating NFC technology in any application, especially those running OS environment like Linux and Android, reducing Bill of Material.

Plug'n Play Full NFC Solution SBC Kit

Plug’n Play Full NFC Solution SBC Kit

Where used?

  • Easy Integration of NFC functionality in OS based systems via NCI
    NFC Forum compliant
  • Optimized for BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi platforms
  • Easy to connect to any platform
  • PCB integrated NFC antenna
  • CE and FCC certified

Why use?

  • All devices running in an Android or Linux environment
  • TVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray decoders, audio devices
  • Home automation, gateways, wireless routers
  • Home appliances
  • Wearables, remote controls, healthcare, fitness
  • Printers, IP phones, gaming consoles, accessories


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