PCF85363A Tiny Real-Time Clock/Calendar

This PCF85363A Real-Time Clock/calendar (RTC) IC is used provide date and time while having some extra features as RTC. It is a RTC/calendar with 64 byte RAM, alarm function, battery switch-over time stamp input, and I2C-bus. This device is optimized low power consumption and with automatic switching to battery on main power loss. The RTC can also be configured as a stop-watch (elapsed time counter). Three time log registers triggered from battery switch-over as well as input driven events.

PCF85363A Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Why Used

  • Two independent alarms
  • Two independent interrupt generators plus predefined interrupts at every second, minute, or hour
  • UL Recognized Component (PCF85363ATL)
  • Battery Back-up Circuit
  • Frequency adjustment via programmable offset register

Where Used

  • Network powered devices
  • Printers and copiers
  • Digital voice recorders
  • Mobile equipment
  • Elapsed time counter

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