PCA9564 Parallel bus to I2C-bus controller

PCA9564 Parallel bus to I2C-bus controller Block Diagram

PCA9564 Parallel bus to I2C-bus controller Block Diagram

A PCA9564 IC is similar to the PCF8584 but operates at lower voltages and higher I2C frequencies. It is designed in CMOS technology and enhancements requested by engineers have also been incorporated. The PCA9564 IC serves as an interface between most standard parallel-bus microcontrollers/microprocessor and the serial I2C-bus and allows the parallel bus system to communicate bi-directionally with the I2C-bus. It controls all the I2C0bus specific sequences, protocol, arbitration and timing with no external timing element required.

Why Used

  • Both master and slave functions
  • Parallel-bus to I²C-bus protocol converter and interface
  • Multi-master capability
  • Internal oscillator reduces external components
  • Operating supply voltage 2.3 V to 3.6 V

Where Used

  • Higher frequency, lower voltage migration path for the PCF8584
  • Add I²C-bus port to controllers/processors that do not have one
  • Add additional I²C-bus ports to controllers/processors that need multiple I²C-bus ports
  • Converts 8 bits of parallel data to serial data stream to prevent having to run a large number of traces across the entire PC board

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