On Demand Webinar: Thunderbolt Technology and Solutions

Thunderbolt (TBT) is an emerging hardware interface which allows the connection of high speed data and video peripherals to a computer. In this webinar, we will discuss details of TBT technology and explore the various use cases. We’ll discuss the use of various devices which enable TBT host, peripheral, and cable designs.

What attendees will learn:

  • Overview of Thunderbolt technology
  • Applications for Thunderbolt technology
  • Functionality of NXP high speed switches, load switches, and microcontrollers in Thunderbolt designs


Ravi Shah, Applications Engineer and Regional Marketing team member, NXP

Ravi is currently an Applications Engineer and Regional Marketing team member at NXP Semiconductors. In this role, he is responsible for supporting the customer and marketing activities for NXP’s Interface Products portfolio. His interest areas are computing, networking, storage and consumer products. Prior to NXP, Ravi was at Cypress Semiconductors where he worked on high speed serial interfaces, broadcast video solutions and Powerline communication. Ravi holds a MSEE from University of Southern California.