NXP PTN Evaluation Boards

Application Support

In the same way that our PTN products are designed to simplify your product designs, our application support philosophy is to minimize our customers’ time and effort spent designing-in our products.

We encourage you to contact us via e-mail. We can provide you with examples, expertise, and evaluation tools.

Evaluation Boards

Evaluation boards are made available to select customers to help expedite the evaluation of our PTN ICs as well as demonstrate their high-speed performance and ease of use. Our evaluation boards help our customers create functioning prototypes in the customer’s platform.

Information about our evaluation boards, including full documentation, can be found on this page. To determine whether a certain board can be of use to you in assisting with your design-in of a featured PTN product, please download the corresponding application note which contains important evaluation board documentation.

Available Evaluation Boards

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PTN3310/3311 BoardThe PTN3310/3311 Board features two ICs from the PTN translator portfolio, namely the PTN3310 and PTN3311. The board is designed for the optimum evaluation of both parts, and with the assembly or removal of certain resistors, the board can be operated in several modes.
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PTN Demo BoardThe PTN Demo Board utilizes the following PTN products: the PTN1111, PTN2111, PTN3310, PTN3311, and PTN3322. The purpose of the demo board is to show the simultaneous operation of all of the above devices. In addition, the board allows for independent operation of some of the products.

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