NXP PCA9633 Daughter Card


The NXP PCA9633 Daughter Card demonstrates the NXP PCA9633 Fast-mode Plus (Fm+) 4-bit I2C LED driver and is a daughter card to the I2C Demonstration Board 2005-1. Red, green, blue, and amber LEDs connected to the PCA9633 show different levels of intensity through individual Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) of each LED.


  • 1MHz and 30mA SDA output (Fast-mode Plus) allows faster data updates and longer, more capacitive busses
  • 4 individually controlled 25mA open drain or push-pull outputs can be selected to OFF, ON, DIM, or DIM with Global Control for LED dimming/blinking
  • OE input pin allows hardware dimming or synchronized blinking over many devices
  • 7 address pins allows up to 126 different I2C addresses on the same I2C bus
  • 4 software programmable I2C addresses allow assigning groups of devices the same address and then controlling them with a single software command sequence, greatly simply programming
  • Daisy chain boards together using standard 0.100″ 9-pin connectors


The PCA9633 Daughter Card has a PCA9633PW device; red, green, blue, and amber LEDs with a diffuser; an 8-position DIP switch for address and OE selection; and user-accessible probe points.


The PCA9633 Daughter Card can be used with the Windows-based I2C Demonstration Board 2005-1, with the microcontroller-based Industrial Reference Design (IRD), or as a stand-alone card in a user’s application.

The WIN-I2CUSB Lite GUI, in conjunction with the I2C Demonstration Board 2005-1, makes it easy to control the PCA9633 and explore the registers and the many patterns and color scenarios that can be generated.


Support Documents

  • PCA9633 Daughter Card Schematics V1.0 (Aug 15, 2007)***
  • PCA9633 Daughter Card PCB Layout V1.0***


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