NFMI Radio for Wireless Audio and Data Streaming

An NFMI or near field magnetic induction communication system is a way to communicate using low power magnetic fields between devices. NFMI is a great and modern way to transmit data and has a proven track record in the hearing industry.

The NXP NxH2280 is fully integrated and contains, in a single chip, communication for wireless audio and data streaming. It is equipped with second-generation NFMI technology, making low power, robust, private and applicable for worldwide use which will deliver a robust and tightly-contained body-area network around the user.


Hardware application board

Hardware application board

Why Used?

  • Integrated ARM Cortex-M0 processor
  • CoolFlux DSP for audio processing
  • Works standalone or with external MCU
  • Flexible embedded network
  • Supported audio sampling frequencies: 16 kHz to 48 kHz
  • Ultra-low-power operation
  • Operates off a single ZnAir battery
  • Supported by a complete starter kit

Where Used?

  • Hearables (e.g. truly wireless earbuds)
  • Hearing instruments
  • Mission-critical communication

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