Multiprotocol IC Card Interface

Smart Cards, or Integrated Circuit Cards, are useful and are a very convinient means of providing personal identification, authentication, data storage, application processing and many other applications. If you are looking for smart card reader that’s cost-effective and compliant to all of the ISO 7816, GSM 11-11, EMV4.2 and EMV 2000 requirements, then the TDA8007BHL might just be what you need.

Control and communication is through an 8-bit parallel interface, compatible with non-multiplexed memory access. It can be also addressed through a multiplexed memory access. Specific ISO UART with parallel access input/output for automatic convention processing, variable baud rate through frequency or division ratio programming, error management at character level for T = 0 and extra guard time register.

Product Block Diagram

Product Block Diagram

Why Used?

  • FIFO for 1 to 8 characters in reception mode
  • Parity error counter in reception mode and in transmission mode with automatic re-transmission
  • Dual VCC generation: 5 V ± 5 %, 65 mA (max.); 3 V ± 8 %, 50 mA (max.) or 1.8 V ± 10 %, 30 mA (max.); with controlled rise and fall times
  • Dual cards clock generation (up to 10 MHz), with three times synchronous frequency doubling (fXTAL, 1⁄ 2fXTAL, 1⁄ 4fXTAL and 1⁄ 8fXTAL)
  • Cards clock stop (at high or low level) or 1.25 MHz (from internal oscillator) for cards Power-down mode
  • Automatic activation and deactivation sequence through an independent sequencer
  • Supports the asynchronous protocols T = 0 and T = 1 in accordance with: ISO 7816 and EMV4.2

Where Used?

  • Multiple smart card readers for multiprocessor applications
    • EMV banking
    • Digital pay TV and access control, etc.

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