Mini or Micro-USB Interface IC

USBs are just about everywhere. They are multi purpose, multi platform, and just about any device nowadays have a means to connect via USB, so adding one to your project is never a bad idea. NXP’s MC34827 is a dedicated IC for managing charging and signal multiplexing through mini or micro-usb connector. The IC is able to automatically identify the type of power source and select the appropriate current level according to the type of battery attached.

Aside from managing the power source, the IC is also able to multiplex the 5pins to support UART and High Speed USB 2.0, mono/stereo-audio/microphone headset with or without a cord remote control. To do this, the 34287 supports various detection mechanisms, including the VBUS detection and ID detection.

Mini or Micro-USB Interface IC

Mini or Micro-USB Interface IC

Where Used?

  • Cell phones
  • MP3/MP4 players
  • Portable voice recorders
  • USB universal charging solution (UCS-OMTP)
  • Supports mini/micro – USB connector
  • UART and USB high speed communication
  • Remote control/accessories IDs

Why Used?

  • Supports USB or UART test and R/D cables
  • High speed USB2.0 compliant
  • Supports 32 ID resistance values with a high-accuracy 5-bit ADC
  • I2C interface with interrupt to the host
  • 10 μA quiescent current in Standby mode

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