MIFARE SAM AV2 or AV2.6, HVQFN32 package

Supporting TDEA, AES and RSA capabilities, the NXP MIFARE SAM AV2 hardware solution is the ideal add-on for reader devices offering additional security services. It offers secure storage and secure communication in a variety of infrastructures.

MIFARE SAM AV2 provides a significant boost in performance to the reader along with faster communication between reader and module when used in combination with a reader IC supporting innovative “X” features. The connection between the SAM and the reader is performed using security protocols based on either symmetric cryptography (TDEA and AES) or PKI RSA asymmetric cryptography.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Why Used

  • Supports MIFARE Crypto1, TDEA (Triple DES encryption algorithm), RSA and AES cryptography
  • Secure storage and updating of keys (key usage counters)
  • Secure Host to SAM and back end to SAM communication with RSA based cryptography
  • Support for DESFire and MIFARE Plus authentication (with related secure messaging and session key generation)

Where Used

  • Access management
  • Public transport
  • Loyalty programs
  • Micro payment

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