DSI Slave for Remote Sensing


Simplified Internal Block Diagram

Simplified Internal Block Diagram

MC33793 IC is a slave Distributed System Interface (DSI) device. The device is optimized as a sensor interface and contains circuits to power sensors such as accelerometers and to digitize the analog level from the sensor. The device is controlled by commands over the DSI bus and returns measured data over the bus. This device is powered using SMARTMOS technology.

Why Used

  • 4 pins configurable as analog or logic inputs or as logic outputs
  • Conforms to DSI specification version 1
  • 4-channel, 8-Bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
  • Provides regulated +5.0 V output for sensor power from bus
  • Additional high-drive logic output

Where Used

  • Automotive, aircraft, marine and industrial control and safety systems
  • Simple bus-controlled part for remote control and sensing
  • Heating and air-conditioning

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