Low power 3V smart card interface

Supporting asynchronous cards (microcontroller-based IC cards), the TDA8037 is a smart card interface device forming the electrical interface between a microcontroller and a smart card. It is the cost efficient successor of the established integrated contact smart card reader IC TDA8035.

The electrical characteristics of the TDA8037 are in accordance with CISCO technology requirements (IRD Electrical Interface Specifications doc n° LC-T056) and also comply with ISO7816-3 for class B.It offers a high level of security for the card performing current limitation, short circuit detection, ESD protection as well as supply supervision.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Why Used

  • Thermal and short-circuit protection on all card contacts
  • Automatic activation and deactivation sequences initiated by software or by hardware in the event of a short-circuit, card take-off, overheating, VDDhost, VREG and VDD dropping
  • SW compatible to TDA8024, TDA8034 and TDA8035
  • Three protected half-duplex bidirectional buffered I/O lines (C4, C7 and C8)
  • SO28 version is footprint compatible with TDA8024T
  • Compliant with ISO 7816, Cisco technology and EMV 4.3 payment systems

Where Used

  • Pay TV
  • Electronic payment
  • Identification
  • IC card readers for banking

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