LCD row/column driver for dot matrix graphic displays

Designed to drive dot matrix graphic displays at multiplex rates of 1:8, 1:16, 1:24 or 1:32, The PCF8578 is a low power CMOS LCD row and column driver which can function as a stand-alone LCD controller and driver for use in small systems. the device has 40 outputs, of which 24 are programmable and configurable for the following ratios of rows/columns: 32/8, 24/16. 16/24 or 8/32.

The PCF8578 is compatible with most microcontrollers and communicates via a two-line bidirectional bus (I²C-bus). Communication overhead is minimized by a display RAM with auto-incremented addressing and display bank switching.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Why Used

  • Single chip LCD controller and driver
  • Externally selectable bias configuration, 5 or 6 levels
  • 1280-bit RAM for display data storage and scratch pad
  • Provides display synchronization for PCF8579
  • Compatible with most microcontrollers

Where Used

  • Automotive information systems
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Point-of-sale terminals
  • Industrial computer terminals
  • Instrumentation

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