I2C-bus extender

I2C is a great way to efficiently transfer data using low power, and is very modest in resource demands. The I2C bus offers support for communication on a number of devices and is a great choice for when you want to connect multiple devices together because it has a it has a built-in addressing scheme.

The P82B715 is a bipolar IC intended for application in IC-bus and derivative bus systems. While retaining all the operating modes and features of the IC-bus it permits extension of the practical separation distance between components on the I2C-bus by buffering both the data (SDA) and the clock (SCL) lines.

I2C-bus extender

I2C-bus extender

Why Used?

  • Dual, bidirectional, unity voltage gain buffer with no external directional control required
  • Compatible with I2C-bus and its derivatives SMBus, PMBus, DDC, etc.
  • Logic signal levels may include (but not exceed) both supply and ground
  • Logic signal input voltage levels are output without change and are independent of VCC
  • x10 impedance transformation, but does not change logic voltage levels
  • Supply voltage range 3 V to 12 V

Where Used?

  • Increase the total connected capacitance of an I2C-bus system to around 3000 pF
  • Drive IC-bus signals over long cables to approximately 50 meters or 3000 pF
  • Drives x10 lower impedance bus wiring for improved noise immunity
  • Multi-drop distribution of IC-bus signals using low cost twisted-pair cables
  • AdvancedTCA radial IPMB architecture

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