I²C Bus Controller with PCF8584


PCF8584 Block Diagram

PCF8584 Block Diagram

 PCF8584 allows parallel-bus systems to communicate bidirectionally with the I²C-bus. It is an integrated circuit designed in CMOS technology which serves as an interface between most standard parallel-bus microcontrollers/microprocessors and the serial I²C-bus. Also, it provides both master and slave functions.

Communication with the I²C-bus is carried out on a byte-wise basis using interrupt or polled handshake. It controls all the I²C-bus specific sequences, protocol, arbitration and timing.

Why Used

  • Compatible with most parallel-bus microcontrollers/microprocessors including 8049, 8051, 6800, 68000 and Z80
  • Parallel-bus to I²C-bus protocol converter and interface
  • Both master and slave functions
  • Programmable interrupt vector
  • Automatic detection and adaption to bus interface type

Where Used

  • Hand-held radio equipment in common emitter class-AB operation for 900 MHz Time Division Multiple Axis (TDMA) communication systems.

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