High Speed Differential 1-to-2 Switch Chip

CBTU02043HE Block Diagram

CBTU02043HE Block Diagram

CBTU02043 high speed differential 1-to-2 switch chip has pinouts that are optimized for USB3.1 type C DeMUX application and achieve very low crosstalk to meet the stringent type C crosstalk spec. The small package and pinning is ideal for smartphone type C application.

The CBTU02043 chip can provide 2-to-1 MUX function by selecting 1 (Port A) out of two differential ports (Port B or C) for other applications.

Why Used

  • VDD Power Supply voltage range: 1.62 V to 3.63 V
  • CMOS SEL and XSD pins
  • Back current protection on all I/O pins of these switches
  • Patent pending high performance analog pass-gate technology
  • Optimized for type C connector PCB routing for signal integrity
    • Minimize crosstalk to meet stringent type C requirement
    • Minimize via with friendly type C PCB layout

Where Used

  • Interface with type C connector for mobile and PC applications.
  • 1-port USB3.1
  • PCIe-Gen3 High Speed Serial Interface

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