FlexRay Transceiver

FlexRay is an network communications protocol used in automotives to control on-board computing. Developed by the FlexRay Consortium, FlexRay is designed to be better than CAN or TTP, but has its drawbacks in being a bit more expensive. Presently, the FlexRay standard is part of a new set of standards namely ISO 17458-1 to 17458-5.

The TJA1080A is a FlexRay transceiver that is fully compliant with the FlexRay electrical physical layer specification V2.1 Rev. It is primarily intended for communication systems from 1 Mbit/s to 10 Mbit/s, and provides an advanced interface between the protocol controller and the physical bus in a FlexRay network.

Block DIagram

Block DIagram

Why Used?

  • Optimized for time triggered communication systems
  • Low power management
  • Diagnosis (detection and signalling)
  • Protection
  • Functional classes according to FlexRay electrical physical layer specification

Where Used?

  • Automotive Applications

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