FlexRay Active Star Coupler

TJA1085GHN Block Diagram

TJA1085GHN Block Diagram

TJA1085GHN FlexRay active star coupler supports 60 ns minimum bit time at 400 mV differential voltage, and low-power management by offering bus wake-up capability along with battery supply and voltage regulator control. It can connect up to 4 branches of a FlexRay network. Several TJA1085G devices can be connected via their TRXD0/1 interfaces to increase the number of branches in the network. A dedicated Communication Controller (CC) interface allows for integration into an ECU.

The TJA1085G meets industry standards for EMC/ESD performance and provides enhanced bus error detection, low current consumption and unmatched asymmetric delay performance.

Why Used

  • Low-power management for battery-supplied ECUs
  • Automotive product qualification in accordance with AEC-Q100
  • Data transfer rates from 2.5 Mbit/s to 10 Mbit/s
  • Compliant with FlexRay Electrical Physical Layer specification V3.0.1/ISO17458-4
  • Leadless HVQFN44 package with improved Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) capability

Where Used

  • Automotive
  • ECU

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