Dual High-Speed CAN Transceiver with Standby Mode

TJA1046TK Block Diagram

TJA1046TK Block Diagram

The dual high-speed CAN transceiver with Standby mode is the TJA1046TK device given that a TJA1046 is the dual high-speed CAN transceiver that provides two interfaces between a Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol controller and the physical two-wire CAN-bus. It offers a feature set optimized for 12 V automotive applications and excellent ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) performance.

It is in HVSON package that allows for more than 70 % PCB space saving compared with traditional SO packages.These features make the TJA1046 an excellent choice for networks containing more than one HS-CAN interface requiring a low-power mode with wake-up capability via the CAN-bus, especially for body and gateway control units.

Why Used

  • Very low-current Standby mode with host and bus wake-up capability
  • Improved TXD to RXD propagation delay of 210 ns
  • Two fully independent TJA1044GT HS-CAN transceivers combined in a single package
  • Timing guaranteed for data rates up to 5 Mbit/s
  • Optimized for use in 12 V automotive systems

Where Used

  • High-speed CAN applications in the automotive industry, providing the differential transmit and receive capability to (a microcontroller with) a CAN protocol controller.

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