Dual DSI3 Master Transceiver for Automotive Applications

Designed with safety compliancy from the grounds up, the SA0528 dual DSI master transceiver enables reliable, high-speed master to slave communication for safety critical applications. Several topologies are addressed, supporting point-to-point, both daisy-chained and parallel buses, only requiring a two wire implementation per channel, meaning a much more cost-efficient alternative as compared to other three or four wires protocols.

DSI3 implemented features include Command and Response Mode for master to single slave bidirectional communication, Periodic Data Collection Mode for high-speed multiple slave data collection, and Discovery Mode for slaves auto-addressing and self-programming.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Why Used

  • Two independent DSI3 master channels
  • Supports Command and Response mode for slave configuration
  • Supports PDCM for periodic slave data transfers
  • Supports Discovery mode for slave physical address self-programming
  • Point-to-point, parallel, daisy chain bus topologies

Where Used

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