DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem SoC

For your Modem needs for any application, be it home automation, supporting control of home appliances,energy heating, and even amplitude shift keying data transmission, the  CX24951, under the InfoSurgeTM family of products, is exactly what you’re looking for.

The CX24951 has A-TDMA and S-CDMA DOCSIS 2.0 upstream modulation and is at a high level of integration being a single monolithic IC. And also has Dual software programmable network processing engines.

CX24951 Block Diagram

CX24951 Block Diagram

Why Used?

  • 500 MIPS of processing power
  • Less than 550mW typical power dissipation
  • Embedded IEEE 802.3 MAC with MII
  • 12Mb USB 1.1 communications transceiver
  • CableHome and PacketCable compliant
  • 12Mb USB 1.1 communications transceiver
  • High density, 17mm x 17mm BGA package

Where Used?

  • broadband cable modem applications

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