CAN transceiver for 24 V systems

PCA82C251 is a CAN transceiver that is primarily used for applications up to 1 MBd in trucks and buses. Fully compatible with the “ISO 11898-24 V” standard, this transceiver provides differential transmit capability to the bus and differential receive capability to the CAN controller.

It has a feature that prevents destruction of the transmitter output stage. This feature is a current-limiting circuit that protects the transmitter output stage against short-circuits to positive and negative battery voltage.

Product Block Diagram

Product Block Diagram

Why Used?

  • Fully compatible with the “ISO 11898-24 V” standard
  • Thermally protected
  • Short-circuit proof to battery and ground in 24 V powered systems
  • An unpowered node does not disturb the bus lines
  • At least 110 nodes can be connected
  • High speed (up to 1 MBd)
  • High immunity against electromagnetic interference

Where Used?

  • High-speed applications (up to 1 MBd) in trucks and busses

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