Automotive LCD driver for Character Displays

PCA2117 Block Diagram

PCA2117 Block Diagram

This PCA2117 chip contains a character generator and displays alphanumeric characters. It is a low -power Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) controller and driver. It features an internal charge pump with internal capacitors for on-chip generation of the LCD driving voltage.

It is specifically designed to drive LCD dot-matrix displays of 2-lines by 20 characters or 1-line by 40 characters with 5 x 8 dot format. In addition 200 icons can be displayed.

Why Used

  • On-chip:
    • Programmable 4, 3, or 2 times voltage multiplier generating LCD supply voltage (external supply also possible)
    • Integrated temperature sensor with temperature readout
    • Selectable linear temperature compensation of on-chip generated VLCD
    • Generation of intermediate LCD bias voltages
    • Oscillator requires no external components (external clock also possible)
  • Readout of RAM and all registers possible
  • AEC Q100 grade 2 compliant for automotive applications
  • Single-chip LCD controller and driver
  • Frame frequency: programmable from 45 Hz to 360 Hz

Where Used

  • Industrial
    • Medical and health care
    • Measuring equipment
    • Machine control systems
    • Information boards
    • General-purpose display modules
  • Automotive
    • Instrument clusters
    • Climate control display
    • Car entertainment
    • Car radio
  • Consumer
    • White goods
    • Home entertainment

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