Automotive Ethernet PHY Transceiver with TJA1100HN

TJA1100HN Block Diagram

TJA1100HN Block Diagram

TJA1100 is an automotive ethernet PHY transceiver that supports 100 Mbit/s transmit and receive capability up to at least 15 m of unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables. It is IEEEBASE-T1 compliant with future proof interperability to any compliant PHY and optimized for capacitive coupling to unshielded twisted pair cable.

TJA1100 enables lowest system cost and fulfills the demanding area and heat constraints of next-generation electronic control units (ECU) and sensors for Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).

Why Used

  • IEEE 100BASE-T1 compliant PHY transceiver
    • Future proof interoperability to any compliant PHY
    • Optimized for capacitive coupling to unshielded twisted pair cable
  • Dedicated PHY enable/disable and low-power sleep modes
    • Energy efficient system design
    • Flexible, on the fly control of low power modes by the application
  • Robust local and remote wake-up functionality
    • Triggered by register setting or by the remote node via data line
  • Enhanced PAM-3 pulse shaping technology and adaptive receive equalizer
    • Supports cable length of up to at least 15 min cars
    • Optimized RF emission levels according to OEM standards

Where Used

  • Automotive Radar Systems
  • Automotive Vision Systems
  • Entry Infotainment / Connected Radio
  • Front View Camera
  • Mid/High-End Infotainment Head Unit

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