1.8 V Simple Mobile Interface Link Bridge IC

The PTN3700 is a 1.8 V simple mobile interface link bridge IC which can function both as a transmitter-serializer or a receiver-deserializer for RGB888 video data. It comes with 3 differential subLVDS high speed serial lanes and one pixel clock. The serial interface link of the PTN3700 is based on the open Simple Mobile Interface Link (SMILi) definition.

The PTN3700 has is designed to be able to maintain a low power profile and can operate in three power modes. Shutdown mode for minimum idle power (< 3 uA typical). Low-power Standby mode with input clock frequency auto-detect (< 3 A typical). Low active transmitter power: 18 mW (typ.) for QVGA1 and 40 mW (typ.) for WVGA2. Low active receiver power: 15 mW (typ.) for QVGA and 36 mW (typ.) for WVGA.

1.8 V simple mobile interface link bridge IC

1.8 V simple mobile interface link bridge IC

Why Used?

  • Parity encoding (transmitter) and detection (receiver) with last valid pixel repetition
  • Advanced Frame Mixing function (in Receiver mode) for 24-bit color depth using conventional 18-bit displays or specially adapted ’18-bit plus’ displays
  • Parallel CMOS I/O based on interface definition of RGB888 plus HS, VS, DE
  • Slew rate control on receiver parallel CMOS outputs
  • Operates from a single 1.8 V ± 150 mV power supply

Where Used?

  • High-resolution mobile phones
  • Portable applications with video display capability

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